Katja Christochowitz
Production Manager

phone: +49 178 29 21 910
e-mail: katja@organized.cc

Katja at work
Katja Christochowitz  
Locations: Job description: I speak:
Location scout - Check locations with my two trained eyes. One focusing
on the beauty and the other on the feasability
Orchestration - Organise each segment and department so that the job
moves seamlessly
Logistics - Schedule and organise the job from commencement to
Accounting - Manage payments and monitor costs across the whole job
Management - Mediate and liaise between Creatives and Technicians, language barriers, logistics and problem solving
Damage Control - React creatively and intelligently to unforeseen
circumstances and changes
Communication - Facilitate dialog between every member of the team
and direct them to workable solutions
Knowledge - Oversee of equipment, technical options and post-production
Creativity - Help develop and realise innovative processes concepts
Initiative - Work independently and without need for direction in a team
and goal orientated environment
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Katja Christochowitz